Canon Problems and Solutions

This post contains top 5 Canon Pixma problems with quick solutions that will keep your workflow moving without facing any trouble.  

Canon Pixma MFP is an office machine which uses the functionality of many multiple devices in one. It does the job of a printer, fax machinescanner, and copier. This Canon Printer uses E-copy functions which can help you to save paper and your auto feed sheets can do most of your work.

But with some excellent features, Canon Pixma Malfunction Printer customers are facing many issues while using it.

Top five most noticed problems with their solutions are listed below: 

1.    Printer Speed Is Slow 

•    Place your wireless device as far away from the source like microwave oven which uses the same frequency bandwidth.

•    It is seen that wireless communication between different rooms is generally poor so make sure that there is no obstacle between the access point and the machine. Place your computer and Canon Printer in the same room.

•    If still facing trouble in doing that, you can go for other solutions by calling Canon Printer Customer Care

2.    Canon Pixma Multifunction Printer Scanner Does Not Work  

Simply follow the steps-

•    First, check that your Canon Printer is turned or not.

•    After doing that, connect the USB cable to a different port on your system.

•    Remove your USB cable if it is connected to a USB hub. Connect it to a USB port on the computer.

•    Restart your computer by doing all things mentioned in above-listed steps.

3.    Canon Printer Ink Not Ejected 

Most of the times it happens when a FINE cartridge runs of ink! If it happens then do the following things given in step below:

•    Check your FINE cartridge if it is installed securely.

•    Open the paper output because after that the head cover opens.

•    Now confirm that the FINE cartridge is installed properly.

•    After confirming, close the paper output cover.

4.    Canon Printer Machine Cannot Be Powered On 

•    Press the ON button of Canon Printer

•    After that, check if the power plug is securely plugged into the power chord connector.

•    Unplug the machine for 2 minutes and then turn it back ON.

5.    Print Results Are Not Satisfactory.

If the print results of your Canon Printer is not satisfactory due to any of the reasons like misaligned lines, white or black streaks.

Simply check page size settings and media type settings. Because if you print with an incorrect paper setting, the print results will automatically satisfactory!

So these were some of the amazing solutions to the top 5 problems listed above in this article.

For any other technical assistance, directly contact Canon Printer Customer Support Number  or contact on Canon Printer Customer Care Number